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The questions are asked by Numero Uno and Ima Ten. The answers are given in italics, upside down, by Count Madness and Crazy Eight.

This puzzle is #18

This puzzle is #28

This puzzle is #15


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These Puzzles are great for your desk, or coffee table ,or waiting area, or book bag!

They especially help you to remember important facts we all should know.

Questions involve different kinds of numbers, geometric figures, physical education, biology and physical science, geography and government, and music. (Questions are about teeth, calendars, Roman Numerals, insect legs, primary colors, the metric system, bytes, states, notes, congressional terms, football, measurements, monopoly, dice, continents, oceans, carats, cats, number bases, guitars, golf, temperature scales, United Nations, palindromes, primes, Olympics, bugles, pi, wind speeds, tennis, flags, etc.) Out of the puzzles 1-36, at least 6 are from the social sciences, at least 6 are from the natural sciences, at least 5 are from sports, and at least 3 are from music. At least 16 are about mathematics, though all are answered by counting numbers.

All 72 (36 cards) of the Count Madness Number Puzzles are shown on YouTube on the right. Feel free to use these for personal use, but not for commercial use. We first published these in the late 1990's and have recently discontinued them. We plan a deluxe edition of the Count Madness Number Puzzles, the Mad Countess Quote Puzzles, and the Coffee Table Cards to be published in 2011. If you would like for us to notify you by email when the combined set of 122 cards are available, send your email to with the subject "Puzzles". Thank You,  Maverick.

Mad Countess Quote Puzzles


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