Hi, My name is Heidi Swaney and I am from Gnadenhutten, Ohio. I work at "Trumpet in the Land" which is an outdoor drama about the 1st Moravian settlement in the state of Ohio. In keeping with the Moravian theme I was folding the stars to sell in our gift shop when one of the girls I work with suggested that they would make cute earrings if they could be made small enough. I make jewelry so I took this as a challenge. I started with strips of 1/8 in. quilling paper cut to 6 in. It took a little time to do because it was on such a small scale but I was able to succeed. As you can tell from the picture the stars ended up about the size of a penny. I inserted a head pin between the layers of the star and bent a loop into the end of it. I then attached it to earring wires using a jump ring. The girls just loved them and I have made several pairs in a variety of colors. Please feel free to use my pictures and full name if you like. Sorry the quality of the pictures is not the best but these were hard to photograph in detail because they are so small.

Sincerely,   Heidi Swaney



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