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Why don’t we research successful programs for their successful proliferation?   Every year a small community or city or group creates a highly successful program that helps people. It answers certain needs that truly improves peoples lives. Usually, there are reasons and conditions that are crucial to the success of a program. A research organization could examine successful programs to identify these conditions. Independent, accurate, honest, intelligent research could seek characteristics of success for a program, with periodic follow-up. The organization would then seek out localities where these characteristics exist, and encourage and offer the information to communities where success is likely.

Can pain be duplicated in order to be recognized?   It seems there has been recent research in describing pain. But, if a doctor with a certain pain caused by a certain condition could learn to artificially induce that pain, it could aid in diagnosis. (I guess I am eccentric about pain, but have always associated it with sound - a dull throb, a lower note and a sharp pain or sting, a high note. Wonder if certain tones would resonate with certain pains. Unlikely. Do any deaf people ever associate vibration frequencies with pain?)

Does coherent radiation from our brain carry much information?   Several decades ago, at a physics convention, it was reported that coherent radiation was generated from or near the human brain. Couldn’t this carry a lot of information. Since the brain sends it out, perhaps it detects this radiation. (We speak, we detect sound. We eat legumes, we detect olfactory evidence. This analogy is not working.)

Could air flow on the surface of a person’s skin help diagnose some illnesses?   Warm air flows at high speeds over the surface of skin. It seems it would be useful to study these flows on several hundred people to categorize them and see if differences are symptomatic for certain conditions. (Hot shower water can hit my back in the summer and give me a quick chill. Would the interruption of this flow be the reason?  I am a very healthy person. Would this flow indicate that?)

Could our small universe be a small precipitate of the real, almost all, stuff?   Where time is only a recognition of this excess? Naw.  But if all time and space is connected, the precipitates could be self centered holographs of the whole.

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