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World Wide Web documents consists of text and pictures and also may include sound, video, or other files. These documents are accessible by users on the Internet. The World Wide Web is the set of all these documents that are accessible by users. A web document can be reached by its address called the uniform resource locator or URL. Also, within a document, a URL may be given for a different document located on the same computer or on a computer somewhere else in the world. This linking address is usually summoned by bold, color, or underlined text, or even by a picture. You may 'click' this text or picture and the new document appears. These connections to other documents are called hypertext links .

You can move to a new document through a link and from a link on that document to another document, etc. Also, you can move backwards through the previous documents (and forward, if you have gone backward). These documents are temporarily stored in a cache on your computer. Of course if there is a web page you particularly want to return to in the future, you can bookmark it with one 'click' and your computer records its URL so that you can have quick access to it in the future.

(Going back to the olden days of the internet, circa 1970, a protocol (set of communication rules) was developed called the transmission control protocol / Internet protocol or TCP/IP. The TCP/IP breaks up a document or file into packets (much like boxes traveling in the mail numbered 1 of n, 2 of n, 3 of n, …,n of n) and the packets are sent by one or more transmission routes, arriving at a receiving computer which reassembles the document and requests from the sending computer any missing packets. So if a packet is lost en-route through one particular geographical location, the missing packet is simply replaced by a copy through another transmission path. Communications should remain intact during severe emergencies. It worked. The Iraqis Internet was viable during most of the Gulf War. When one path was bombed out, communications continued, automatically through other paths and lost information was almost immediately restored.)

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