Math    Limericks


1 So you failed a math test or two,

And want extra credit for you.

     But, I just don't know,

     How you can go

Beyond that which already you can't do.

(Of course, any topic

could be substituted

for 'math' in this limerick.)


2 20% of the price is nice

To subtract from the price of the rice.

     It is 20% off,

     And equals, I scoff,

80 % of the price.

Other percentages can be used

such as 80% and 20%,  60%

and 40%,  40% and 60%,  70%

and 30%, and so forth. 


3 Two framed pictures on the wall.

In one you see nothing at all.

     The other a zero,

     Quite real and so,

Not ‘nothing’ ; it’s a number after all!




4 1 to 9, pick a number I plea,

Multiply 15,873.

    And again times 7,

    The product to leaven,

Your pick, repeating 6 times you'll see.

If you figure out why this works,

then you can work backwards

and choose numbers that will

result in your picked number

repeating as often as you like.

5 2 to the 4, let's review

The power's not 4, that's true.

     The exponent is 4,

     With base 2, what's more,

16 is the 4 th power of 2 .

2 4

6 Take 1 times X to the 1.

Divide by 1 just for fun.

     Add 0 to this,

     And what don't you miss,

X with 'invisible' notation.


7 Let  x =  0   and  2x  also,

And   2x =  x  since both are zero.

     Divide each by x,

     Doesn't look complex,

You get  2  =  1 ,   taint so  you know.  

What went wrong?

8 "a less than b"  reads  a <  b  ,

And   "b greater than a"  reads truthfully.

     From this pages backside,

     Both the same will abide,

Though    b  >  a  is what you will see.

9 Any positive integer over one,

Is prime or can be factored and when done,.

     There is only one way,

     When put in order to display,

The Unique Prime Factorization.

Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic


Unique  Prime  Factorization Theorem

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