Here is a  picture of a mobile made from stars in three colors and from twenty-one stars. Below are instructions.




72 in. String and large needle

8    1 inch wide strips

12   1/2 inch wide strips

64   1/4 inch wide strips

Make the two large stars (1" strips)  and the 16 small stars (1/4 inch strips). Attach to each large star, 8 of the small stars. The small stars are attached to each of the 8 flat points with string so they hang 2 inches down from each flat point of the large star.

        Assemble the two large stars and the remaining three medium size stars from a long string. You can make a knot in the string and thread a medium star, shown at bottom on right. Then, 2 inches above make a knot and thread a large star. Repeat as shown in the drawing on right.                                                                                              MOBILEB.jpg

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