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The STOCK CAR RACING Winston Cup Series  BACK TRACK game has become dated. We do not plan a new one any time soon. Enjoy at no cost all 72 questions which were formally sold as a deck of cards with a question on the front and the answer on the back.


Back Track directions for game cards #1 through #72:

A question is asked and the answer is a two word rhyme.  Each word of the answer has the same number of syllables and the last syllables rhyme. For one syllable rhymes, the question starts with the words "Back Track" followed by a description of the two words. Try to guess the answer, then check the form  on the right for the answer. (Two syllable rhymes begin with "Back-o Track-o". Three syllable rhymes begin with "Back-uh-roo Track-uh-roo", and so forth.)

1)  Back Track    A Distance Vehicle
2)  Back-0 Track-0    Grasslands Texas Driver
3)  Back Track    Noisy bunch
4)  Back Track    Inside front row objective
5 )  Back-uh-roo-uh-uh Track-uh-roo-uh-uh   Earnhart actor

6)  Back Track    A valley victory
7)  Back-uh-roo Track-uh-roo    Sliding in to win
8)  Back Track    A brisk beginning
9)  Back-0 Track-0    Happy five
10) Back Track    On the row humor
11) Back Track    Petal to the metal auto
12) Back Track    After the big win comes, the moo to zoom man's party
13)  Back-0 Track-0    A course detainment
14)  Back-uh-roo Track-uh-roo    Starting state of being
15)  Back-uh-roo-uh Track-uh-roo-uh  Heat transfer tragedy
16) Back Track    A caution sprint collision
17) Back Track    A path maneuver
18)  Back-uh-roo Track-uh-roo    A restraining compression
19)  Back-0 Track-0    Comember's contention
20)  Back-0 Track-0    Obviously, when Rudd's wins come
21) Back Track    Once around separation
22)  Back-0 Track-0    In sorrow for loosing the race area
23)  Back-0 Track-0    Driver - passage through the pack
24)  Back-uh-roo Track-uh-roo    A towering track's open sided shelter
25)  Back-0 Track-0    A satisfied dozen
26)  Back-0 Track-0    Collision Absorbing stricker
27)  Back Track    A driver's recollections
28)  Back Track    A distressing flag
29) Back Track    Slippage fleeing
30) Back-0 Track-0    When Gordon wins, the teams colorful dance
31) Back Track    Rolling combustion
32) Back Track    A visionary crew
33) Back Track    A bad beginning
34) Back-uh-roo-uh-uh Track-uh-roo-uh-uh   Change of velocity misjudgment
35) Back Track    Vanguard rate of motion
36) Back-0 Track-0    Man in charge driver
37) Back-0 Track-0    The Red Mecca
38) Back Track    Colorfully downcast bunch
39) Back Track    Fast Mast
40)  Back-uh-roo Track-uh-roo    Non-fluctuation auto
41) Back Track    The N.C. man's manners
42)  Back-uh-roo Track-uh-roo    The city's trioval auraN
43)  Back-uh-roo Track-uh-roo    Flying driver
44) Back-0 Track-0    This oval track's winnings
45) Back Track    A pejorative advance
46) Back-0 Track-0    Vigorous 3-time Champion
47) Back-uh-roo Track-uh-roo     Around the course auto
48)  Back Track     A sun drenched spectator
49) Back-0 Track-0    A dependable 'hot rod' driver
50)  Back-0 Track-0     Superior frame
51) Back-0 Track-0    Place where many things are simultaneously occurring
52) Back Track     The N.Y. to N.C. menace
53) Back-uh-roo Track-uh-roo     Top exhibition
54) Back-uh-roo Track-uh-roo     Your place given up
55) Back Track     Air flow skill
56) Back-0 Track-0    Unruffled auto
57) Back Track     Skillful Rookie of the Year, Year, Year,Year
58) Back-0 Track-0    This fast tracks competitive actions
59) Back-0 Track-0    Hickory's Man of the Year credits
60) Back Track     An appropriate cover
61)  Back-uh-roo Track-uh-roo    Position change
62) Back-0 Track-0   Disciplined Arkansas native
63)  Back-uh-roo-uh Track-uh-roo-uh  Construction Renewal
64) Back Track     This toon man's movements
65) Back Track     Rampart drawing (caused by a sliding car)
66) Back Track     Cheerful at winning driver from the west
67) Back-uh-roo-uh-uh Track-uh-roo-uh-uh   Flying properties
68) Back-0 Track-0   The piviting Mr. Excitement
69) Back-0 Track-0   Close fighting Missourian
70) Back Track     Grasp, sliding out of place
71) Back-0 Track-0   Track's trite saying
72) Back-uh-roo-uh Track-uh-roo-uh   Contesting opportunity to choose between two paths

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