Great Book-ends for

the Nursing Profession

These inexpensive book-ends show reliefs of Florence Nightingale, lady with the lamp, and Clara Barton, founder of the American Red Cross.

Florence Nightingale founded the modern nursing profession. She had a wonderful mind, a desire to help the poor and suffering, and a great ability to administer hospitals. During the Crimean War, in 1854, the British Secretary of War asked her to take charge of 38 nurses to help wounded British soldiers. When they arrived at some old Turkish barracks, where there were no cots or even supplies such as bandages, 500 wounded troops arrived from the Battle of Balaclava. In about 25 minutes, two thirds of the cavalry  were killed or wounded in the Charge of the Light Brigade. Her brilliant care and leadership in these barracks made her famous.

Clara Barton founded the American Red Cross. She became the first President of the American Red Cross and the first representative of the United States at the International Conference of the Red Cross in Geneva in 1884. She devoted her life to charitable work.

These book-ends are large and heavy for professional books and periodicals.

Who was called "The Angle of the Battlefield"? Why was Nightingale called "The Lady with the Lamp" and why was she named Florence? Who was the first woman clerk in a Patent Office?

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