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Free Instructions for 'Plamp' Stand

The 'Plamp' Stand  (plant or lamp) is shown in the picture below. This stand is easily made with the inexpensive wood strips used for corrugated roofs. Directions are below.

This stand was quickly designed and made a few years ago. The wood strips appear to be from redwood or cedar. The stands would look great if spray painted, but these look great with no additional finish at all.

As is usually stated, you pop into your local This and That store and cheaply and easily pick up this and that. Yeah. To provide information on these materials, I have been to 5 hardware stores that use to carry these strips for corrugated roofs. Only one does currently, and the pattern was smaller. They were called  6 ft .Corrugated Hem Fir Strips at $1.74 each. Only 4 of these would be needed for one stand. If you call around though you may be able to find a variety of strips.

The three pictures below show how the stand is assembled. You need the following materials.

4 Strips

About 4 ft.  (Mine are 48.5 inches so I could cut in the middle of a thin part of the wave.)
2 Strips About 16 inches (Each strip cut so the thick part of the wave is in the center.)
2 Strips About 8 inches long for the top. (Put a thick  part of the wave in the center.)
2 Strips About 6 inches long for the top to use with above 2 for a square border on top.

(Put a thick  part of the wave in the center.)

13 5/8 inch wood screws ( I used brass round head, about 10 cents each.)
2 Approx. 8 in. by 8 in. boards, 1 in. thick (3/4 in. actual thickness, stained or painted.)

Cut the corners of the two 8 in. squares. Screw the four legs into the top board and screw the other board to the four legs about 8 inches below the top. You probably should drill holes thinner than the screws before setting the screws, to prevent splitting the wood.

The 2, 16 inch cross pieces are about 8 inches from the bottom. A one inch groove in the middle of each cross piece was made so the pieces would fit together flat. Screw the cross pieces on and screw them together where they cross. (You may want to use a shorter screw where they cross.)

Glue the four short strips to form a square of about 8 inches on each side. Sand corners if desired, and glue to top of stand.

Enjoy your Plamp Stand.

When we bought the strips above, we also bought some of the rounded wavy strips to make shadow boxes like the one shown below. Any of these strips make unusual shadow boxes.

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