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A Free Rhyme Time Game We Called Stink Pink

When my family went on trips in the early 1950's we often played word games. One game we knew as "Stink Pink" and this is how it was played then, and again with our children in the 1970's. Someone would say "Stink Pink" and describe two rhyming words, the last word was usually a noun and the first word hopefully modified it! So the questioner would say "Stink Pink, a distant vehicle" and everyone tried to guess the answer (which was "Far Car"). For two syllables we used Stink-o Pink-o". For three syllables "Stink-a-roo Pink-a-roo". For four syllables "Stink-a-roo-uh Pink-a-roo-uh". We continued adding -uh. The last syllables of the two word answers had to rhyme and the two words had to have the same number of syllables. At least this is how I remembered it.

 Try the questions below with a friend.  You may check the form  on the right for the answer.

1 Stink Pink, an unusual rabbit

2 Stink Pink, colorful footwear

3 Stink-a-roo Pink-a-roo, an adverse bird

4 Stink Pink, cruel ruler

5 Stink-o Pink-o, crazy tramp

6 Stink-o Pink-o, angry argument

7 Stink-a-roo Pink-a-roo, suave and carefree wealthy person

8 Stink Pink, a traveling at low rate bird

9 Stink-o Pink-o, a clever cat

10 Stink Pink, an excellent place of learning

11 Stink-o Pink-o, a wise learner

12 Stink Pink, a tardy appointment

13 Stink-o Pink-o, convenient confection

14 Stink Pink, culinary literature

15 Stink-a-roo Pink-a-roo, indifferent young woman introduced into society

16 Stink-o Pink-o, a cheerful father

17 Stink Pink, a meat robber

18 Stink Pink, a large hog

19 Stink-a-roo Pink-a-roo, capricious or arbitrary priestess of prognostication

20 Stink-a-roo-uh Pink-a-roo-uh, reptile killer
21 Stink Pink, uncontrolled water fowl

22 Stink-o Pink-o, excellent show
23 Stink-o Pink-o, water waves
24 Stink Pink, stupefying weapon
25 Stink-a-roo-uh-uh Pink-a-roo-uh-uh, human development vocabulary
26 Stink Pink, fast 8 legged arachnid
27 Stink Pink, ailing 8 legged arachnid
28 Stink-o Pink-o, a spirited primate
29 Stink Pink, covered frames in battle
30 Stink Pink, a pallid man
31 Stink-o Pink-o, to learn together with this comrade
32 Stink-o Pink-o, fractured Subway money
33 Stink Pink, genuine marine mammal
34 Stink Pink, a stocking container
35 Stink-o Pink-o, calm one receiving medical attention
36 Stink-o Pink-o, old body
37 Stink Pink, counterfeit reptile
38 Stink Pink, angry boy
39 Stink Pink, stylish garment from waist dawn
40 Stink-a-roo Pink-a-roo, traveling contaminator
41 Stink Pink, a 10 cent fruit
42 Stink-a-roo-uh-uh-uh Pink-a-roo-uh-uh-uh, an eighty something expert in rules of order
43 Stink Pink, a timid secrete agent
44 Stink Pink, narcotic hoodlum
45 Stink-a-roo-uh Pink-a-roo-uh, agricultural primitive person
46 Stink Pink, intoxicated polecat
47 Stink-a-roo Pink-a-roo, habit forming suffering
48 Stink Pink, mature duplicate
49 Stink-o Pink-o, a dense mythological cherubic boy
50 Stink Pink, little shopping center
51 Stink Pink, burrowing mammal’s opening
52 Stink-o Pink-o, a floral teapot cover
53 Stink-o Pink-o, a monster movie
54 Stink-a-roo Pink-a-roo, aggregate symbology
55 Stink-o Pink-o, a foolish young female horse
56 Stink Pink, lengthy lyrics
57 Stink-o Pink-o, an inexperienced bookmaker
58 Stink-o Pink-o, a bloody tale
59 Stink-o Pink-o, a spooky small magical being
60 Stink-a-roo-uh Pink-a-roo-uh, flying hobby
61 Stink Pink, a pawky man   (not pokemon)
62 Stink-a-roo Pink-a-roo, ridiculous play
63 Stink Pink, trimmed hair
64 Stink-o Pink-o, a quirky or offbeat primate
65 Stink Pink, favorable tree parts
66 Stink Pink, a chilled metal
67 Stink Pink, a furry mammal’s trap
68 Stink Pink, a sound mind
69 Stink Pink, money in a hiding place
70 Stink-o Pink-o, cheerful bird
71 Stink-o Pink-o, a superior knitted wrap
72 Stink-o Pink-o, an earthly drink
73 Stink-a-roo-uh-uh Pink-a-roo-uh-uh, a math operational mistake

More will be added - check back.

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