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I have opened my classes for years with questions like the ones below. Simply write the question on the board and call the roll - the student answers the roll with an answer to the question. If they say here or nod, they will probably be doomed to think of answers the rest of the day! There are serious answers and humorous answers. But the students are usually awake for the class. I encourage class participation. By answering questions like these, they learn about each other and seem less timid to ask questions during class. They also are willing to help each other since they know each other better. Good Luck, James Garner.

(Some questions can be broken into parts to stretch over 2 or more days.)

What kind of drivers aggravate you?

If you could have dinner with anyone past or present, who would it be?

What do you plan to be doing in five years?

All time favorite movie(s)?

Your favorite food or drink?

Favorite or least favorite sport? Watch or participate?

Burglary Story (One they have seen or someone they know.)

How do men and women differ?

Practical joke? (One you've been in or heard of.)

It bothers me when ______.

Collection or hobby you have or plan to have in the future?

I wish (insert school or organization) would _______.

All time favorite or least favorite tv series?

Favorite or least favorite ride?

What do you keep in the pocket and trunk of your vehicle?

Cartoon character you like or dislike?

Health remedies?

What would you like to ask an alien space traveler?

A close call?

A celebrity story?

What are your plans for the holidays?

Worst fast food experience?

Searching the Web or email?

When Robots become difficult to distinguish from humans, should we require them to wear a mark? (Scarlet R?)

What slows you down when you are running late?

Folklore quote or saying?

Worst trip you ever made?

Photo or video story?

The wrong gift?

Do you believe in UFO cover-ups?


Favorite or least favorite animal?

If no harm could come to you in the next 24 hours, what would you do?


What makes you laugh?

Solved or unsolved mystery?


Do you watch your phosphenes or after images?

Weather story

A perfect date

Favorite or least favorite music?

What would you not want a job interviewer to ask?

Do you believe in mental telepathy?

What shouldn't but does keep you from studying?

Do animals have feelings?  Do plants have feelings?

Make up a question.

Where would you like to visit but not live?

Favorite or least favorite radio or TV talk show host?


What is the best method to test for assigning grades?

Worst thing you did as a child?

What changes are needed in education?

If you could spend a day in another time, when would it be?

What makes a TV series last 10 years?

Worst movie you ever saw?

What makes someone a best friend?

An animal story?

Strangest food or drink you have ever had?

What do you like or dislike about math?

When does one talk and say nothing?

If you try, can you understand another persons panic?

Mail or calls you don't like?

If you could buy a pill for $100 that would make your child a genius in math, music, or management, Would you?

Favorite place to eat out?

What interesting thing have you learned lately?

Should we use DNA of extinct species to bring them back?

Do you like math that is useful?  Do you like word problems?

Where would you like to be right now?

I hope ______ wins.

Where is a good place to meet someone?

The longest time you have ever had an article of apparel?

Describe something about yourself in one sentence?

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