Short Prayers

Thank You for the moon and all the rest.

Thank You that God is good, Your mercy is everlasting, and Your truth endures through all generations.

Lead us on Your path, even if You take us dragging and screaming.

When we ask "Thy will be done" may we really mean "Thy will be done".

We often like what is familiar, help us be familiar with Your ways.

I love You God.
I love You God.
I love You God.
I love You God.

Help me do right, only by Your grace

Our fears bring wrong thoughts and actions. Thank you that our fears are removed by trust in God.
We need you God
Keep us from doing wrong
Thank you God for Love

When faith does not put us in the driver's seat, help us take the ride of Your choice.
Help us be not careful, be not anxious.
We have hopes, but give us patience.      Thank you that we are so blessed.
Sin can be attractive. Help us all to not want it.
We are so sorry for your suffering

And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds,

shall keep your  hearts        and  minds,

shall keep your hearts   and         m i n d s

through Christ Jesus

Your Grace is all we need.  Thank You God.

There are people all over the world, impoverished,  bless them.

People in captivity, in prison, even tortured, be with them.

There are those that do evil, turn them and bless them.

Those that are ill, disabled, physically, and mentally, bless them.

People, who do not know of your grace, be with them.


And finally God, thank you for all of our blessings. 

While praying, it is all right for the child to step on my feet.

Not thinking beginning,
Not thinking the ending,
Just smiling and winning,
And loving this inning. 

Thanks for this inning.