3-D Star Christmas Tree


While creating stars of all sizes for an Emporia State University party in 2009, we realized that the stars nested. The different sizes created a graduated effect that suggested a Christmas tree.

 Our centerpiece delimma was solved. We set about making little trees for each table by using paper strips 2 inches wide for the base. Each of the six layer stars are made with paper strips narrowing one quarter inch. The top star is the same size as the top layer star (three quarters inch) and is stood upright slipping into the slits in the dimensional star creating the topper.

The stars will not be waxed and are not glued. The overall size is 11 inches but you could undoubtedly add layers for a taller tree effect. The party color scheme is gold and white. Many paper color variations and embelishments can tailor the tree to any décor.

I thought you might like to pass this idea along

Roger Heineken

Emporia State University


  CLICK  HERE   for fantastic photos of the Emporia State University party with German stars of all sizes.

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