We have been cautious for years in showing information for waxing stars since the smoke from the wax can easily catch fire. I once put out a wax fire on the stove with a dishcloth. After that, I melted wax outside. Many people have used double boilers to be safer. Below is an email from Diane.

Stars and SAFE waxing   from    rdsanor@frontier.com

Hi, I have been making these stars since I was 8 years old. I am 63 now. Back in 1957 our family moved from New Hampshire to Ohio. A news paper place called the Farm & Dairy used to sell the strips. I have made them as small as 1/2” big or should I say small that fit on my thumbnail, this requires tweezers to make. We always waxed and put glitter on our stars. Through the years I have found some glitter that makes your stars just lovely! Pictures really do not capture how pretty they are! Of course there are many types of sprinkles you can use. Below are instructions that I use for mine.
WAXING....Supplies: Melting wax such as Gulf Wax Bars. Large size can such as sauerkraut or pumpkin pie MIX comes in, or for smaller can use larger size that pineapple rings comes in, paper off, washed and dried. (the can needs to be tall enough for dipping and wide enough for your stars)
GLITTER (suggestions and these glitters tubes do a LOT of stars!) *Diamond Dust Multi Fine 13.4 GM glass tube at JoAnn Fabrics or Ultra Fine Iridescent Glitter on line at http://www.creative-hobbies.com/7938-ultra-fine-iridescent-glitter-multi-tone-crystalli.html
First cover a large work area with layers of newspaper. Set your skillet on newspaper area, make sure the area you have chosen is sturdy! Card tables, TV trays are not stable enough. Place your can in the skillet, add at least 2-3 bars of Gulf Wax chunked up depending on your can size. THEN add enough water to fill the electric skillet to about 2/3 full, turn on heat to 250-300 degrees until water is JUST forming bubbles but NOT boiling and the wax is melted. Once the wax is all melted, turn the heat down to simmer more or less depending on your skillet. They do vary but you want to keep the wax melted but not too hot. Once you have finished your stars cut all but one of the longest tails on! Us the tail to dip the star in the wax, bring it up and let it drip, you can gently shake it and tap the star against the can until the no more wax running. Some dripping is ok as you need to work quickly before the wax is set when putting on glitter. Place the star on the newspaper, evenly sprinkle one side, flip star, and sprinkle the other side. Set aside and continue dipping and glittering your stars. If wax get low add more chunks. When finished, turn off heat and let the wax harden. Take out the can, dry throughly. I then wrap the can in foil and tuck away for another time. I have even made paper chains and waxed and glittered them for trees and decorations!
TYING ON CORD for hanging as ornaments...Once star is cool and dry, use a metal yarn needle the biggest you can get or darning needle to poke a hole in the middle of one of the star’s tip. Thread can be used but I like to use Darice Metallic gold elastic cord (20 yards on a card) found in most hobby stores like Pat Catans, JoAnn Fabric’s or sometime in Walmart) Cut about a 7” piece. Pass one end through the hole that was made, bring both ends together and tie a knot. If ends a long snip. Perfect for hanging on a Christmas tree.
I am very thrilled to see you have the paper strips, although we have always gotten them 18” long as any shorter the ends become very difficult to work with. We always have taken the ends of the strips and cut to narrow rounded ends. If you get a hang up trying to push the strip through a fold, we will trim one side to a slanted point and they go right through! I have made thousands! Taught many!
Blessings and very glad I found your site!

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